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STEP 5:   Design and Contractor Implementation

If there is work to be done by contractors, we schedule this as soon as possible. We manage the scheduling and oversee the work to make sure the design is executed properly and with the highest quality workmanship. Throughout the design process, we manage all the details. We make sure work by our contractors is underway or has been satisfactorily completed, all concerns have been addressed, furniture ordered, payments made, schedule on track, and no detail overlooked. We’ll schedule a brief meeting to review anything left outstanding or any changes that need to be made.

STEP 4:   Procurement And Production

Before any items are purchased or any contractors hired on your behalf, you will receive a proposal for approval that details the work to be done or item to be purchased along with all known associated costs. Nothing will be purchased without your approval. A time-table is developed for purchasing and ordering, work to be done by contractors, and final installation.