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STEP 3:  Design Concept Presentation and Approval

Once the design concept is ready to present, we will scheduled a meeting. You will be presented with carefully edited selections that represent the best choices for your space, including fabrics, drawings, photos and samples for each element in the design. For some elements you’ll be presented with a few options and we’ll narrow them down to the best one for each element. By the end of the meeting we should have a complete design concept that meets your approval. Once the design has been approved and all elements are finalized we can begin executing on the design.

STEP 2:  Design Concept

Over the next two weeks, the design concept is created. This starts with developing a color scheme and continues with sourcing fabrics, furniture, fixtures, wall and floor coverings, and materials which are mindfully selected according to our discussion during the consultation. Drawings, samples and pictures are gathered. Quotes and pricing are researched. Additional time will be needed for projects including multiple spaces.