DESIGN SERVICES for builders 

Working with a design professional doesn’t have to mean hiring us to do your entire project. You can hire our designer on an à la carte basis to help select a theme or color scheme for the interior or exterior of the property. Color boards are one option we provide to bring the major elements of a design together in one place, so you can see how the elements will work together.

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Professional designers are better than most at seeing the big picture! We have the experience in everything from exterior design to interior decoration of every kind of living space imaginable. Hiring a designer can save both time and money on remodeling and new construction projects. INTERIOR selections such as wall color, flooring, trim color, countertops, and cabinetry is one of our specialties. However, our designer can also help you narrow down the wide range of options when it comes to EXTERIOR details such as brick/stone selections, trim colors, roof shingles, and even stain colors for entry and garage doors. Ultimately, using a professional designer will help you feel confident that the overall result of the project will not only turn out exactly how you want, but it will appeal to potential buyers and have a chance at selling for top dollar!