Benefits of Home sTAGING 

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 Staged homes tend to sell faster and for more money.

93% of Staged homes sell on average in one month or less, as compared to the national average of 161 days on the market!

Staging, when done right, increases perceived value.

Staged homes sell for an average of 7% more money than un­staged homes, which means an extra $21k on the purchase price of a $300k home!

A staged home is a great listing tool for real estate agents.

There is a distinct marketing advantage for homes that have been staged.

It has been proven that staged homes appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Buyers feel staged homes are well­ maintained and building inspectors also view staged homes as well cared for.

Staged homes often get better appraisal values.

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Staged homes look better on flyers and websites.

Nearly 98% of prospective Buyers “shop” online before ever contacting a real estate agent.

This means that homes shown on the MLS must be in top ­selling condition as a necessary first step in creating buyer interest!